What customers shall consider when buy an incubator?

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Hatching result

Hatching result is usually the first thing a customer will care about, a good incubator may offer 1% or more than other kinds of incubators. In the long term, 1% of more chicks will mean much more profit. What’s more, a good incubator not only offer better percentage, but also better chicks quality.

Safety of eggs

A hatchery is not like other kinds of factories, because it is handling with lives. Every egg means a life inside, which wants proper temperature, humidity, and enough oxygen. If they are not well cared, they may die, and then the owner will lose a lot of investment on this. If a machine not made of reliable parts, and one trouble not solved in time may cause the death of all the chicks.

Durability of machines

A good incubator, the main structure will last for longer than 20 years. By maintaining and replacing some few damaged electric parts, the machine can be used for a very long time, while a poor quality machine may last only 5 years if the wall panels or inside structures not of good anti-erosion materials.

Less trouble of machines

Less trouble means more safety for the eggs. It also means customer spend less time on the machines, and spend less money to buy spare parts and technical service.


The services include service before sales, hatchery design, installation and onsite service, and after sales service. Service before sales every company has it! But the important ones are the other kinds of services.

Energy saving

The energy costs between different types of incubators are different. And a well deigned incubator will consume less energy.

Why choose Yunfeng?

Yunfeng is the earliest company in China to make incubators. The brand of Yunfeng is to name after the first engineer in China to make incubators, who also worked in Yunfeng company until retired. And Yunfeng has spent decades on the research of incubators, and all these experiences are embedded inside the design and control system. Many other incubator companies in China make incubators similar to Yunfeng, but few can get a similar hatching result.

Many Yunfeng customers compared Yunfeng incubators with Europe top quality incubators, and say Yunfeng brand result is not bad than them, sometimes even better.Yunfeng incubators are designed with measures to ensure the safety of customers’ investment—the valuable hatching eggs.

a. All the important parts are using parts from big international brands, like Schneider, SMC, Omron, Honeywell, etc. Temperature sensor made in Germany, and sprayer nozzles made in U.S.A.

b. Every incubator from Yunfeng has two control systems, one for main control, and another for backup. The backup control system will also supervise the main control system all the time to ensure it is working well.

c. The incubator control system is functioned with all kinds of alarms: temperature high and low, humidity high and low, motor problem, turning problem, power cut, etc.

d. The display is separated with the control card, and the control card will continue working if removing the display monitor. And this ensures the machine can continue working if the display has problem.

For the durability. While the cheap incubators are using sandwich panel composed of steel sheet and white foam (EPS foam with density lower than 15kg/m3), Yunfeng incubators are using Europe made FRP sheet (Glass Fiber Reinforced Resine sheet) and XPS foam with a density of 45kg/m3. This is even better than Europe top quality incubators. At the same time, all the inside metal parts are made of hot-galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel, for best anti-erosion ability.

The panels are designed for 50 years, and the trolleys can be used for over 20 years if well maintained.

As Yunfeng are using well selected incubator parts of world famous brands, this ensures the parts can last longer. Together with Yunfneg’s decades of experience, these parts can be better utilized in Yunfeng’s system. So less trouble will be expected from Yunfeng incubators than its competitors’.

Yunfeng maybe not yet the best incubator company in the world, but can declare to be the best one from China, for the services including hatchery design, incubators installation and calibration, onsite service, user training and hatchery management training.

The control system of Yunfeng incubators are so well designed, that the curve of the temperatures and humidifies will vibrate very little during the whole incubation period. Because of this, the damper will not move too frequently, and this will save the customer quite a lot of energy. (if damper not sensitive, then there might be high temperature and reduce hatching result; if damper move too frequently, every time the damper open there will be energy loss from the incubator. Only with good experience can balance in between. )