Projetc in India

In December 2017, Yunfeng 24 sets of 115200 S-line single stage egg incubators and 24 sets of 19200 egg hatchers started to be used in South India.

During the last one year running, Yunfeng incubators were performing well, and never have big problems.

Compared with customer’s former incubators, Yunfeng incubators can get almost 2% more salable chicks, and bringing much more profit for customer.

At the mean time, except normally consumption of fan belts etc, customer only changed several sensors and very few other spareparts.

How come the well performance of Yunfeng incubators?

Yunfeng has been producing incubators for over 40 years. During the last decades, continuous innovation, utilizing of new technology and world famous brands of parts improved Yunfeng incubators to be same quality of Europe top brands.

Country: India
Type of fowl: Broiler
Setters: DF1152SL, 24S
Hatchers: DC192SL, 24H
Setting capacity (eggs/year): 50 000 000 eggs/year