Vacuum egg lifter

For efficient eggs moving from farm tray to incubator tray or egg conveyors


Semi-automatic transfer of eggs from farm egg tray (pulp or plastic) to setter tray, more efficient than moving eggs by hand.

It is also used for table eggs, from egg tray to egg grading machine, or between different kinds of egg flats.

Constructed with poly-carbon material, a kind of clear plastic with complete visibility for easier cleaning and troubleshooting, sturdy and durable.

One vacuum pump can work with 1 or 2 vacuum heads. Also workable with compressed air, if no vacuum pump.

Workable when there is several eggs shortage.

A variety of different models, from 5 eggs to 54 eggs per egg lifter head, for both matrix and honeycomb structured setter trays.

Models for chicken eggs and duck/turkey eggs are available.

How it works

Connect the egg lifter with vacuum pump, or compressed air through a vacuum generator.

Put the egg lifter head over the egg tray, and each vacuum cup facing one egg. Push down the egg lifter head, then the eggs are sucked to the egg lifter cups.

Lift the egg lifter head, and place it to the setter tray, or to the egg grading machine machine belt, etc.

Press the valve lever with thumb, then the eggs are released immediately.

Spring-balancer is an optional part that can reduce the strength when moving eggs.

Working table is available for different kinds of incubator egg trays.

Technical specifications

ModelEgg CapacityArrangementDimension (mm)
V6A6 hen eggs6 in line280*60*190
V10A10 hen eggs2x5, Matrix260*100*190
V12A12 hen eggs2x6, Matrix280*115*190
V12B12 hen eggs2x6, Matrix to honeycomb280*180*190
V15A15 hen eggs3x5, Matrix260*150*190
V18A18 hen eggs3x6, Matrix280*150*190
V20A20 hen eggs4x5, Matrix260*195*190
V24A24 hen eggs4x6, Matrix280*195*190
V30A30 hen eggs5x6, Matrix280*240*190
V30B30 hen eggs5x6, Matrix to honeycomb280*240*190
V36A36 hen eggs6x6, Matrix280*295*190
V42A42 hen eggs7x6, Honeycomb300*300*190
V42B42 hen eggs7x6, Matrix to honeycomb280*330*190
V54B54 hen eggs9x6, Matrix to honeycomb280*420*190
V10DA10 duck/turkey eggs2x5, Matrix280*110*190
V20DA20 duck/turkey eggs4x5, Matrix280*210*190
V20DB20 duck/turkey eggs4x5, Matrix to honeycomb280*220*190

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