Vaccine Sprayer

For vaccination of live vaccines to day old chicks efficiently


For live vaccine immunization of ND, IB, Coccidia, etc. at hatchery, this kind of vaccine sprayer system can be used, to spray vaccines to day old chicks, and immunize them through their eyes, and respiratory system.

Quickly and safely operation for day old chicks, or ducklings, packed by plastic chick boxes, or carton boxes.

Ergonomically designed, efficient and comfortable for operators.

Only compressed air needed, no need electric power.

For optimum hygiene, easy to clean.

How It Works

Push the chick box filled with day old chicks onto the track, and into the vaccine sprayer table.

When the chick box pushed to the end, the chick box will touch a switch, and which will activate an air cylinder, to spray vaccines into fog by sprayer nozzles on top of the day old chicks.

The fogged vaccines some will touch the eyes of day old chicks, and some will be breathed by the day old chicks and into their respiratory system. The live vaccines will stimulate the immune system of the chicks, and give them protection of this kind of disease.

Take out the chick box, and push in another one.

Vaccines and their immune methods for DOC at hatchery

Disease Vaccine Type Spray Injection
ND Live
ND Inactivated
IB Live
ND-IB Live
Coccidia Live
MD Live
ND-FLU Inactivated
ND-IB-FLU Inactivated
ND-FLU-IBD Inactivated
ND-IB-FLU-IBD Inactivated
ND-FLU-Adenovirus Inactivated
IBD Antigen-Antibody Complex

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