Tunnel Type Egg Incubators

A better kind of multistage incubation system, extraordinarily energy saving


1.Extraordinarily Energy Saving

O-type air circulation design, realizing the air circulation with least motor power. Only 1.5kw motor power used for a capacity of more than 90,000 eggs.

A brilliant designed multistage incubation system, circulation air will bring heat from old eggs to the new eggs loaded, and reduce the heating system to minimum.

An average of less than 0.02kwh per egg for whole 21 days incubation period can be realized easily with this system.


2.Easy operation with powerful functions

Touch control screen with Icons enables easy operation all the time.

A variety of world main languages, users can change according to their requirement.

Three level passwords management, giving different rights to workers and management. Advanced settings can be realized with password permit.

Pneumatic egg turning system, reliable, and easier cleaning than mechanical egg turning system.

 3.Longer life incubators with less maintaining and spare parts

Selected metal materials with advanced anti-erosion ability for incubator trolleys and inside structures: SS304 stainless steel, 275g zinc coated steel, Hot-dip-galvanized steel, anodized or coated aluminum, allowing the metal parts can last at least 20 years.

Incubator body using premium quality FRP (fiber-glass material) skin, and the working life can be 50 years above.

Water proof insulation material for wall panels, with density level leading the industry, allowing the incubators to remain perfect insulation even after many years using.

Selected electric parts, from world famous brands. Better quality parts reduced maintaining cost and spareparts cost in the future.

Technical specifications

Capacity (Chicken)
42(84) egg tray90720756006048045360
36 egg tray77760648005184038880
77 egg tray (large egg)83160693005540041580
63 egg tray (special breed)102060850506804051030
Capacity ( Duck/ Turkey)
30 egg tray56160468003740028080
Trolley Number121086
Max Power (kw)
Control systemDCⅡ Touch control system, 7 inch LCD display, all parts big brands
HeatingElectric heating system
CoolingWater cooling system
HumidityNozzle Sprayer
Electricity380V/50HZ, 3 phase (other electricity also available)

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