Sexing Carousel

For Sexing day old chicks efficiently


For sexing day old chicks in an optimized work flow, workable for sexing methods of feather, colour, or vent (cloaca) .

With one chick conveyor to transport chicks in, and two chick conveyors to transport chicks out.

Sexed chicks will be sent to vaccination carousel, or other process.

Ergonomically designed, efficient and comfortable for operators.

SS304 stainless steel material where applicable.

For optimum hygiene, easy to clean.

How It Works

One slowly rotating round conveyor made of stainless steel, rotating on a frame.

Chicks are transported by a belt to this rotating conveyor.

Operator take out chicks from this round conveyor and sex the chicks by feather, colour, or vent (cloaca).

There can be two chick box positions at each station, and the operator drop the chick to either the male slideway or the female slideway in front of each working station.

Either of the two slideways (or belt) connect to a chute, and where the chick will slide in and drop to one of the two chick conveyors.

The female chick conveyor usually lead to a vaccination carousel, or chick counting and packing system. The male chicks can be sent to a macerator or other system, depending on the requirement.

Technical specifications

Capacity (Estimated)Depends on what kind of sexing method used
Working Stations4 stations6 stations9 stations12 stations
Diameter1.6 Meters2.2 Meters3.3 Meters4.2 Meters
Height1000 mm
MaterialStainless steel SS304 (where applicable)
OptionalChicks conveyor for next proces chick handling

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