Semi-automatic Candling Machine

For whole tray egg candling with reduced labor consumption


Large egg capacity semi-automatic candling table that illuminates a full setter tray of eggs, with one strong LED light under each egg position.

To remove light leakage, there is a rubber tube to concentrate the light under each egg, and there is pneumatic lifting device to raise the lights, so that the rubber tube will contact with eggs perfectly. Operator can visually identify clear or infertile eggs.

An ideal equipment for small or medium size hatcheries candling work. Easy to clean stainless steel construction, with swivel castor wheels for easy moving.

Operators can also do manual transfer on top of this after finishing candling work.

There is another model that can work with semi-automatic transfer machine. After candling and remove bad eggs, setter egg trays can slide to the transfer machine. Then egg transfer work can be done there.

How it works

Put one incubator tray of 126, 150 eggs (depending on tray type) and slide into the track. When the egg tray pushed to the end and sensed by a sensor there, the LED lights are raised up by air cylinders, and the rubber tube on each LED light will touch the egg, so that there is no light leakage among the eggs. And the LED lights will turn stronger after contacting with the eggs, to help the operator checking the eggs more clearly.

Infertile eggs without embryos, or early dead embryos allow more light passing through, so that operators can easily find out and take out them.

After taking out all infertile or early dead eggs, the egg tray can be taken away, or manually transfer work can be done.

Putting the hatcher basket bottom up to cover the egg tray, two workers work together with hands to rotate the basket with the setter tray and eggs under it together, by 180 degrees, then eggs are moved to the hatcher basket.

Take away the setter tray, and put the hatcher basket with eggs to the hatcher dolley.

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