Semi-automatic Candling and Transfer Machine

For continuous operation of whole tray egg candling and egg transfer


Semi-automatic egg candling machine and egg transfer machine work together, doing candling and transfer work together with improved speed, efficiency and performance, educing manpower and less egg breakage.

For candling part, there is a rubber tube to concentrate the light under each egg to remove light leakage, and there is pneumatic lifting device to raise the lights, so that the rubber tube will contact with eggs perfectly. Operator can visually identify clear or infertile eggs.

For egg transfer part, the suction head with silicone suckers, can be quickly released and change to another kind, for other tray types.

Made with SS304 material where applicable, durable, and easy cleaning. Low sound level and quiet when running.

Capacity of up to 50,000 eggs per hour, and speed adjustable by a knob on the motor.

How it works

One incubator tray of 126, 150, or two trays of 84 holes, or four trays of 42 holes (depending on tray type) to slide in and be stopped by a stopping handle, to the right position for the egg tray.

Rotate the stopping handle (with a sensor installed near it), the LED lights are raised up by air cylinders, and the rubber tube on each LED light will touch the egg, so that there is no light leakage among the eggs. And the LED lights will turn stronger after contacting with the eggs, to help the operator checking the eggs more clearly.

Infertile eggs without embryos, or early dead embryos allow more light passing through, so that operators can easily find out and take out them.

After taking out all infertile or early dead eggs, rotate the stopping handle, then LED lights with rubber tube will drop and leave the eggs. The LED light will also turn darker to protect the operators’ eyes.

Slide the egg tray to the transfer part until the egg tray touches a sensing switch, then egg suction head will come down, suck the eggs and rise up to its high position and wait for the hatcher basket.

Operator takes out the setter tray and push in the hatcher basket into its track to touch another switch, egg suction head will come down again and drop eggs into the hatcher basket gently.

Then operator take out the hatcher basket with eggs inside, and put it to the hatcher dolly.

There are different models available, for different kinds of egg trays and hatcher baskets.

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