Hatcher Basket 168

Robust hatcher basket designed for tunnel multistage system hatchers

Features & advantages

Designed for Tunnel Multistage Hatcher

Work together with several kinds of setter trays, 42-chicken egg tray, 84-chicken egg tray, 77-quail egg tray, 36-chicken egg tray, 63-small chicken egg tray, 30-duck egg tray etc.

Easy to handle stack and clean, space minimize

Side opening design for maximum air flow

Produced with virgin, robust and bouncing PP material, structure suitable for heavy duty usage

Suitable for Yunfeng basket washing machines

Compatible for other brand trolleys

Technical specifications

Model numberPCJ16802
ApplicationChicken, Quail, Duck, Turkey
MaterialDurable plastic, mainly virgin polypropylene (PP)
Dimension (mm)L1295xW375xH117

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