Hatcher Basket 150

Robust hatcher basket designed for better ventilation and hatching result

Features & advantages of hatcher basket 150


This hatcher basket is designed for S-Line hatchers and conventional DC192 hatchers.

This hatchery basket works together with several kinds of setter trays, 150-chicken egg tray, 84-chicken egg tray, 442-quail egg tray, etc., for getting optimum hatching result from different kinds of eggs.

It is same size and standard with European brands of incubators and hatchers. The quality is also on the same level. It can be used in same hatchery, compatible, and can replace these European hatcher baskets.

This hatching basket is suitable for Yunfeng basket washing machines, and other brands hatchery tunnel washing machines. It can also work perfectly with automatic egg transfer system, or chick processing system.

Advantages of this hatcher basket

This hatcher basket is easy to handle, stack and clean. All the surface of the mold is finely treated, so that the hatchery basket has no burrs on the basket. Workers can operate with bare hands.

Side openings of this hatching basket is design for maximum air flow, at the same time keeping the strength of the side grids.

The structure is well designed, and the corners are strengthened, so that it is suitable for heavy duty usage in hatchery.

The bottom of the hatcher basket has diamond strengthening ribs, for the bottom able to bear more weight. And the bottom is made with proper size holes, for good ventilation, and protecting chicks from slipping when standing on it.


Produced with virgin, robust and bouncing PP material, with special anti-aging fillings for longer life.

Made in white color, so that dirt can be easily found during washing.

Other features

At the end of the hatcher basket, there is a slot designed for putting cards. So that in hatchery operation, a card marking the information of the chicks can be put here to separate these chicks from the others.

Hatcher basket and setter trolley

Technical specifications

Model numberPCJ15002
ApplicationChicken, Quail, Duck, Turkey
MaterialDurable plastic, mainly virgin polypropylene (PP)
Dimension (mm)L795xW568xD133

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