Farm tray and egg crate

For the transportation of hatchable eggs from breeder farm to hatchery


Robust, virgin, bouncing material, durable, and giving all-round protection of the valuable hatching eggs, reducing the incidence of hairline cracks.

A variety of models available, with different hole sizes for different egg sizes. Egg trays for chicken eggs, egg trays for duck/turkey eggs, and egg trays for goose eggs available.

Two types of egg crates of one column and double columns, containing 180 chicken eggs or 360 chicken eggs per crate.

Egg trays and egg crates nestable when empty during transportation or storage, to save space.


Technical specifications

Egg Capacity/30-egg tray180 eggs/ 6 trays360 eggs/ 12 trays
Egg Capacity/42-egg tray210 eggs/ 5 trays336 eggs/ 8 trays
Egg Capacity/36-egg tray180 eggs/ 5 trays288 eggs/ 8 trays
Dimension (mm)330mm*340mm*395mm680mm*370mm*360mm
Weight 1.6kg2.31kg
Qty/20GP container1300pcs750pcs
Qty/40HQ container3200pcs1880pcs

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