Energy Saving Module

Fan frequency control system, reducing fan RPM to save electricity consumption


An optional programmable system with frequency inverter reducing the RPM of stiring fan inside the setter, according to the change of embryonic metabolism rates at different days, can save the electricity consumption dramatically, by upto 30% in the whole incubation time.

How it works

Controlled by the program in the controller, the ventilation inside the setter, can circulate at a just necessary speed, no excessive ventilation, and not affecting the temperature uniformity around the eggs.

During days 1 and 2 of incubation, the fan rotate at full speed, to heat all eggs uniformly.

During days 3 to 12, the embryos develop slowly, and give out few heat, and air fan RPM can be reduced to be as low as 75% of its original speed. The power consumption and RPM have a cubic relationship, so that more than half power consumption can be saved by this.

During days 12 to 18, the embryos give out more heat, and need higher air flow speed to bring away the emitted heat, and a uniform spread of the water cooling effect inside the setter, so fan speed will be adjusted back to full speed.

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