Egg Tray and Trolley for Tunnel Incubator

Different kinds of egg trays and trolleys for Tunnel incubators


Different kinds of egg trays, designed to allow uniform airflow around the eggs during whole incubation process. Egg cells proper designed to accommodate larger eggs. Trays made of virgin durable plastic materials, for longer working life.

Durable trolleys, with trolley frames made of hot-dip-galvanized material, and tray frames made of 275gram zinc coated metals, and allowing 20 years above durability under normal conditions.

How it works

Different kinds of egg trays for different sizes of eggs, using matrix design, or honeycomb design for more eggs.

Maximized air flow around the eggs to bring away the heat and exhaust air from the eggs, and eliminate the dead-spots in the incubator.

Stable shape, easy to handle, proper shaped for more comfortable hand operation.

Technical specifications

Tray NumberEgg Capacity/Egg TypeDimension (mm)Trolley Tier/ Capacity
PFJ0420242 hen eggs308*293*7515/7560
PFJ0420342 hen eggs306*290*7315/7560
PFJ0360136 hen eggs290*290*7415/6480
PFJ0840184 hen eggs595*295*7615/7560
PFJ0770177 hen eggs690*295*8015/6930
PFJ0630163 small hen eggs373*290*7315/8505
PFJ0300130 duck/turkey eggs308*290*8412/4320

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