Egg Restore System

To wake-up eggs in long storage period, and reduce hatchability loss


When eggs are stored for a long time, the livability of the blastoderm (embryo) inside eggs will decrease. At this time, a short time heat treatment of the eggs, making them temporarily above physiological temperature will increase the number of viable cells of the blastoderm, and retrieve its livability.

How it works

This egg restore system, is like an incubator, usually placed nearby the egg storage room, with electric heating system, and water cooling system.

When eggs are stored for 5-7 days, and not yet ready for loading to the incubator, then can move the eggs placed in trays and trolley to the egg restore system.

The heating system will first increase the egg temperatures to about 25C, and reach a uniform temperature. Then it will heat again until the egg temperature reaches a uniform of about 32C.

The system starts to reduce the egg temperature with water cooling. And at the end of this period when eggs are cooled down, they will be moved back to the egg storage room.

When restored eggs are stored for another 5-7 days, a second treatment can be done for retrieving the lost hatchability. A third treatment is even beneficial if the eggs are stored longer time.

Egg restore system cannot retrieve all the lost hatching percentage. So less storage time for hatchable eggs is still advised.

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