CO2 Control System

For improving chick quality in both setters and hatchers


1.CO2 control system helps for better hatching results.

By simulating the hatching behavior of hens and scientific research, maintaining a higher level of CO2 inside the incubator in the early stage of embryonic development, can stimulate the development of the embryonic blood circulation system. The stronger blood system eventually helps develop stronger day old chicks.

In the hatcher, when the chicks start to pip out, raising the CO2 level can stimulate the chicks to speed up the pipping. This will reduce the hatch window (all chicks hatch out in a relatively short period of time). Because the hatching time is more concentrated, the early hatched chicks will not be dehydrated too much, and the feathers of the last hatched chicks will also be properly dried, so that all chicks will be more uniform.

Both of the above points can help to improve the quality of chicks, reduce the rate of mortality at the farm, improve the feed conversion ratio, and appropriately reduce the raising time required to obtain the target weight.


2.CO2 control system helps for energy saving.

If an incubator don’t have CO2 sensor, then it does not know what is the exact CO2 level in the machine, then it has to give more than enough air exchange, otherwise there might be higher CO2 level inside, and not safe for eggs. For heat brought out, the electric heaters need to work and compensate the heat. And for humidity brought out, the humidification system also need to work to give more water into the air, and the evaporation effect will need heat and this will cause the heaters work more time. For the extra air into the machines, the air conditioning system also need to work more. And all of the above will cause extra energy cost.

With the CO2 sensor, the incubator knows how much CO2 are there inside, so it can give just enough air exchange for the machine, and like this will reduce the energy cost dramatically.

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