Chick Take-off System

For manually separation of day old chicks


For manually separating good chicks from hatching debris.

Fully ergonomically designed, efficient and comfortable for operators.

SS304 material where applicable.

For optimum hygiene, easy to clean.

With roller conveyor transporting hatcher baskets.

Can connect with hatcher basket roller belt, to send hatcher basekts to washing machine.

Separated chicks sent to chick processing carousel or line.


How It Works

Hatcher basket with chicks and hatching debris are placed into the take-off roller belt manually.

Operators take out the good chicks and drop them into a chute under the rollers, then chicks will be transported by a belt to next process.

Hatcher baskets with egg shells, un-hatched eggs, and dead chicks are taken-away manually, or with conveyor transported to the waste processing and washing area.

Technical specifications

Capacity (Estimated)40,000 chicks/hour capacity 80,000 chicks/hour capacity
Number of Operators Maximum4 persons take-off system8 persons take-off system
Length chick coveryor3.2 Meters4.4 Meters
Width roller conveyor600 mm
Width1080 mm
Height930 mm
MaterialStainless steel SS304 (where applicable)

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