Box Type Hatcher

Hatchers for conventional single-stage egg incubator


1.Easy operation with powerful functions

Touch control screen with Icons enables easy operation all the time.

A variety of world main languages, users can change according to their requirement.

Three level passwords management, giving different rights to workers and management. Advanced settings can be realized with password permit.

Parameters programmable can meet the requirement of eggs in different days.

 2.Longer life incubators with less maintaining and spare parts

Selected metal materials with advanced anti-erosion ability for hatcher dollies and inside structures: SS304 stainless steel, 275g zinc coated steel, Hot-dip-galvanized steel, anodized or coated aluminum, allowing the metal parts can last at least 20 years.

Hatcher body using premium quality FRP (fiber-glass material) skin, and the working life can be 50 years above.

Water proof insulation material for wall panels, with density level leading the industry, allowing the incubators to remain perfect insulation even after many years using.

Selected electric parts, from world famous brands. Better quality means less maintaining and less spareparts to buy in the future.

Robust hatcher baskets, using virgin PP materials, with anti-climate additives for longer life even under rough operation.

3.Extraordinary performance and perfect hatching result

Powerful stirring fan, offering enough air speed inside the hatcher,

Well designed air circulation system, and control system with decades experience, enabling a stable temperature field inside the incubators and hatchers.

Above design and functions give a proper environment for the eggs, producing more grade A day old chick.

4.Simple structure, easier installation, convenient maintenance

The central main structure can even be assembled in factory, greatly reducing installation work at customer’s hatchery if needed.

Technical specifications

Trolley Quantity44
Dimension (mm)W3360xD2235xH2375W3360xD2235xH2375
Control SystemTouch screen, Without Internet FunctionTouch screen, Without Internet Function
Wall Panel MaterialFRP skin+45KG BLUE foamColor steel skin+20KG WHITE foam
HeatersStainless steel electric heatersStainless steel electric heaters
CoolingAir+WaterAir+Water (optional)
TrackHot Dip Galvanized RailHot Dip Galvanized Rail
HumidificationDisc HumidifierDisc Humidifier
Fan BladesStainless SteelGalvanized
Electricity380V 50HZ,5.8 KW380V 50HZ,5.8 KW

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