Automatic Vaccinator

For vaccination of day old chicks efficiently


For a quickly and safely vaccine injection work for day old chicks, or ducklings. Models for single or double injectors available that can inject one kind of vaccine or two kinds of vaccines by one time injection.

Injectors with counting functions, and no need to use chick counting system anymore.

Ergonomically designed, efficient and comfortable for operators.

Only compressed air needed, no need electric power.

For optimum hygiene, easy to clean.

How It Works

Place the day old chick laying on its limiting position, with the head touching the top part of the limiting position.

Fix the entire chicken neck with several fingers, press the chick to touch the switch behind the chick.

The pneumatic power will push the needle and inject vaccine into the neck of the day old chick.

After one hundred of chicks injected, the injector will give a signal to remind the worker to change a chick box.

Technical specifications

Capacity2,500-3,500 chicks/hour/Person
Size (mm)W185xL540xH230
Gross Weight (Aprox.)10.6kg
Net Weight (Aprox.)8.8kg
Package Size58x24x33cm

Vaccines and their immune methods for DOC at hatchery

Disease Vaccine Type Spray Injection
ND Live
ND Inactivated
IB Live
ND-IB Live
Coccidia Live
MD Live
ND-FLU Inactivated
ND-IB-FLU Inactivated
ND-FLU-IBD Inactivated
ND-IB-FLU-IBD Inactivated
ND-FLU-Adenovirus Inactivated
IBD Antigen-Antibody Complex

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