Automatic Grading and Traying System

Automation system to grade eggs, clean eggs, and place eggs into setter trays


1.Remove too big or too small eggs, as they are not good for control chick quality. too small chicks will be weak, and too big eggs maybe double-yolk eggs.

2.Separate eggs into different sizes, and put them inside different machines. as big size egg and small size egg require different temperature in incubation. Putting them into different incubators, more grade A chicks can be obtained.

3.Light checking, remove abnormal shaped eggs, too dirty eggs, and hairline cracked eggs.

4.Brushing function, removing the dust and small manure on the egg surface.

5.UV sanitation functions, killing bacteria on the surface of egg shells.

6.Advanced egg sorting system can automatically adjust the direction of eggs, and load eggs small end down and big end up into the egg trays. According to experiment, over 70% of the eggs that put big end down can not be hatched. So that to ensure the egg directions is very important, and advanced machines nowadays can do better than workers.

How it works

Operator load eggs from farm egg tray with vacuum egg lifter, to the belt of this egg grading and traying system.

Eggs moved by belt forward, and passing the light checking section. There is a dark space here surrounded by curtains. Operator will take out the cracked and other bad eggs not suitable for hatching.

Eggs move on and pass the brushing section, dust, chicken feather, and manure are brushed away and sucked by a vacuum pump.

Eggs move on and pass the Ultra-violet disinfection section, and bacteria on the surface of the eggs are killed.

Eggs move on to the egg grading section, too big and too small eggs are taken out, to a reception table, where a worker will put them to trays.

Proper size eggs will move on to the traying section. Or for larger hatchery, proper size eggs can be graded into two sizes, and move to two traying sections, so that later can be put into different incubators.

At traying section, eggs are adjusted small end down into egg cells. A vacuum lifting system, will move the eggs from egg cells to the setter trays on another belt. The setter trays can be unloaded by a destacker, one by one to the egg tray belt.

Operator take away the setter trays that fed with eggs, and load them to the setter trolleys.

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