Improving hatchability by applying short-term egg heating during incubation

Egg Restore System-1

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The laying hen lays one egg per day in the nest until the laying of a sufficient number of eggs for future brood is completed. Each time the laying hen returns to the nest, the eggs already in the nest are again heated or, in fact, warmed up for a short incubation period.

The experiments confirmed that the creation of conditions close to the natural process occurring in the nest, using short-term heating of the eggs during the storage period of the eggs, can help maintain high hatchability with longer egg storage.

Short-term heating of eggs can restore more than 60% of the decrease in hatch that occurs during prolonged storage of eggs. If the reduction in hatchability due to storage is 10%. The use of short-term egg heating can improve hatch by 6-7%. The absolute value of improvement increases with a longer storage period.