How to choose the right solution for different hatchery sizes?(2)


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For small hatcheries, set 10,000-40,000 eggs per week.

such a hatchery usually has a breeding farm or can import hatching eggs from other countries. There are one or two technical staff. Taking into account the cost of transportation, we send bulk cargo, and then collect them from the customer. Even if installation supervision is taken into account, the total cost remains reasonable.

These hatcheries usually have an incubation task, or are retrofitted with poultry houses or warehouses, and have three-phase feeding.

As more incubators are required, some hatcheries may be equipped with chillers for better temperature control in the incubator.

For these customers, we recommend the DF192FP incubator with a capacity of 19,200 eggs.

The advantage is:

A: It is used as a single stage device, easy to clean and easy to clean.

B: The wall material is made of European imported FRP fiberglass and high density extruded polystyrene foam, which has excellent water resistance and long life without decay.

Q: The trolley adopts hot-dip galvanizing technology for a long service life.

G: All important components from major international brands.

D: Each machine has a backup control system to ensure the safety of the hatching eggs.