How to choose the right solution for different hatchery sizes?(1)


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A small hatchery that is just starting out, with a hatching capacity of <15000 eggs/week
Some of these small hatcheries have hundreds of chickens that provide breeding eggs, and some collect eggs in the surrounding villages to help others hatch. Generally, about a few thousand to 10,000 eggs are hatched every week.

Example: DF12096
The advantages of this machine are: ①It is shipped after installation in the factory, which saves customers installation costs; ②Without a water cooling system, customers can control the incubation temperature with only air conditioning; ③It can be used as a single-batch incubator, or Used as a multi-batch hatching type, flexible operation, with 12096 egg hatcher or 2016 egg hatcher, the hatching volume can be easily achieved from 4000-12000 eggs per week. The structure design is reasonable, if there is no three-phase power, 220V single-phase power can be used.