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Our Mission:

For More Grade A Chicks

To produce more grade A chicks from YUNFENG incubators.

With our experience, technology, and insistence.

Yunfeng Incubator

Since 1978

As one of the worldly leading incubator brand, YUNFENG company has started producing incubators since 1978.

In decades, we have been always trying to put new technology into our hatchery equipment, and keep improving the quality of our incubators. 

In the meantime, Yunfeng has been increasing its product range to supply full hatchery solution to the customers.

Why choose us


Yunfeng has been in the incubator industry for decades. The brand of Yunfeng is to name after an engineer in China who is believed to be the first person in China to make electric incubators.

And Yunfeng has spent decades on the research of incubators, and all these experiences are embedded inside the design and control system. These specialities are helping customers to improve hatching results and saving power, and making Yunfeng Incubator a better choice than other brands for getting back the investment faster, and producing more profit in the machine lifespan.


Yunfeng incubators are designed with measures to ensure the safety of customers’ investment—the valuable hatching eggs.

All the important parts are using parts from big international brands, like Schneider, SMC, Omron, Honeywell, etc. Temperature sensor made in Germany, and sprayer nozzles made in U.S.A.

Every incubator from Yunfeng has two control systems, one for main control, and another for backup. The backup control system will also supervise the main control system all the time to ensure it is working well.


Yunfeng incubators’ wall panels are using top quality FRP sheet (Glass Fiber Reinforced Resine sheet) and XPS foam with a density better than Europe top quality incubators. The high desnity insulation foam is a good waterproof material, which can keep the incubators always well-insulated even after many years using. These wall panels are designed for 50 years using under normal condition.

The inside metal parts are made of hot-dip-galvanized, aluminum, or stainless steel, etc, for better anti-erosion ability. Trolleys and metal parts can be used for over 20 years if well maintained.



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we work hard in
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To provide more valuable products and services for the world's poultry industry.


Pay attention to the needs of customers, provide customers with competitive hatchery solutions, and continue to create maximum value for customers.


customer-centric, persistence, collaboration and creation.


Help customers create more healthy chicks and help customers get profit.
Tribute to the poultry industry people: you are ordianary heroes, with your hard work improving people's living standard.
Yunfeng Incubator

communication is key

personal service

Local installation

On-site service for instllation direction of incubators, hatchers, automation equipment, HVAC system.

On-line Support

On-line support for hatchery installation. On-line support for troubleshooting

Hatchery Design

Hatchery floor alyout design.
Buiding 3D effect design.

Operation training

Training the hatchery operators after installation.

important things you should know

Questions And Answers

Eggs are put inside incubator (setter) at the beginning, and moved to the hatcher for the last three days of incubation. For example, chicken eggs need 21 days to be hatched, for 1-18 days in incubator (setter), and 18-21 days in hatcher.

 The services include :

 >service before sales

 >hatchery design

 >local installation

 >online support

 >operation training

 >multi control language

Different capacity and specifications with different price. First please let us know those questions, thanks. 
 >For what kind of eggs?

 >What capacity incubator and how many, or how many eggs to be hatched per week?
 > Which type do you prefer between single-stage and multi-stage incubators?
 > Where is the destination port?

 >Excellent Hatching Result

 >Reliable quality

 >Safety of eggs

 >Less trouble of machines

 >Durability parts

 >Energy saving

 >Competitive Price

Single stage is filled one time during one incubation cycle, and all the eggs inside are at the same development stage.


Multi-stage incubators is filled part by part, a batch of eggs will be moved in and out every 3-7 days. and the eggs inside are at different development stage.

There is no MOQ, but pls contact us to confirm our production period.

The standard large incubators are using 380V50Hz 3phase, and small models 220V50Hz single phase power, 

Other voltage and frequency requirement for different area can be customized.

Most of the incubators require installation except the machine capacity which is below 12,096 eggs.